A collection of my favorite work. Please reach out if you're interested in learning more about a particular project

Product Design, Development, & Prototyping *

My Product (UI/UX) work is largely under NDA, but I would love to talk to you about my deep experience in: Generative User Research, Design Thinking, and Living Style Guides & Design Systems

Runway App

Go from stylesheet to styleguide, instantly. Runway offers a web UI where Designers can build and deploy beautiful styleguides


Collaborate, build and share two by two's (a.k.a, Eisenhower Matrices) in real-time


An assortment of various UI elements, interaction design treatments and concepts

Open Source Software

Prototyping Playbook

A blog of short tutorials (“plays”) that help designers use the browser for their design and prototyping needs

Acme Styleguide

A front-end styleguide boilerplate, designed to help Designers express their decisions through the language of HTML/Sass

Vue Elucidate

A Vue library that makes it a breeze to 'shed light' on your Vue components and build design systems

Vue Overdrive

Super easy magic-move transitions for Vue apps, inspired by React Overdrive

Vue Storybook

Custom blocks for Vue single file components

Web Design & Development

Canoe CS

Customer support for eCommerce brands

Part And Sum

Part and Sum is a modern marketing agency in New York City


GORUCO is a one day, single track conference in New York City

A set of tools that bring the power of scalable microservices to .NET developers

A company that builds and maintains an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant


An eConsults platform that connects providers to top specialists

Baxt Ingui

A general-practice architectural and design firm in New York City with experience in residential and commercial renovation projects


A team of foresters, biometricians, and programmers dedicated to expanding our understanding of forests

Sabin Landscape Architects

A firm that contributes toward the development of sustainable landscapes in Residential and Commercial settings


A community of technology volunteers who want to make sure that progressive candidates are on the winning side of elections