a New York-based designer, developer, and serial tinkerer.

I've had a few jobs

  • GitHub

    Staff Research Engineer, GitHub Next

    Investigating the future of software development and new approaches to building healthy, productive software engineering teams.
  • Clearbit

    Principal Front-End Engineer

    Spearheaded the development of ClearKit, a design system used across Clearbit's various user-interfaces and internal tooling.
  • Heroku / Salesforce

    Senior Front-End Engineer

    Helped shape the front-end practice at Heroku by contributing across interface lines (UI/CLI), libraries & frameworks (React and Ember), and teams (Data and Platform).
  • Pivotal

    Senior Product Designer

    Responsible for demystifying design and increasing its voice in a cross-functional product team, championing for small, iterative choices and thoughtful decisions over shiny deliverables. Heavy emphasis on design systems and living styleguides.
  • Runway App

    Founder / Chief Tinkering Officer

    A self-motivated side project that helps designers create and maintain beautiful living styleguides.
  • Jet A Studio

    Interaction Designer

    Cutting my teeth on all-things-front-end-development. Translating visual design into pixel perfect code.
  • Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

    International Political Consultant

    Employing statistical science, social media, and creative campaigning to help redacted win elections by redacted and various other redacted.

I do open-source


I freelance