my name is

I'm a New York-based designer, developer, and serial tinkerer.

I like my coffee strong, my side projects unfinished, and my photos sharp.

I currently work at Replicate as a Product Engineer where I'm helping make machine learning accessible to all software engineers.

I previously worked at GitHub Next as a Staff Researcher, where I explored the future of software development. I had the pleasure of shipping such hits as Copilot, Flat Data, and GitHub Blocks.

Before that, I was a Principal Frontend Engineer at Clearbit, where I spearheaded the development of a design system used across the company's various interfaces and admin tools. Prior to that I worked on graphic and command-line interfaces for managed data services at Heroku.

I had the privilege of helping the UNDP build their Development Compass, a quick way to get detailed information on digital readiness in any country.

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I've contributed to and also maintain a handful of open source projects.

Community Contributions

Personal Projects

I've freelanced for and provide ongoing advisory/consulting services to some wonderful clients.

If you need frontend help – whether it's prototyping, fleshing out a design system, or building a content-managed website with Next.js and a headless CMS like Dato – then I'm your guy.

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I've also written a few articles on design and development over the years.

And of course, you can find me on the internet.